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Who we are:
A not-for-profit organization still to be established.
Our mission:
To help make textbooks and other instructional materials freely available via the internet, to public schools, private instructors and individuals, everywhere in the world.
Our plan:
  • To offer cash prizes to authors who place their works in the public domain or make them available under a public license (such as the GPL).
  • To commission works for placement in the public domain.
Prizes and commissions will be sponsored by pledges made for works in a particular field and of a particular level.  For instance, a sponsor may pledge $20 towards having a text in first-year calculus placed in the public domain.  Prizes will be given to authors whose books prove useful in a classroom environment; specific details on what makes a book eligible need to be hashed out.  Textbooks may be commissioned if nothing appears to be forthcoming and if there is sufficient sponsorship.

Further details will be available in the future.

Help us: will need generous patrons to help make this information available; but before it can happen, we need to establish ourselves officially as a not-for-profit organization.  If anyone can help with the legal and/or corporate requirements, please contact us at